“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” Remake

The floating big lips! The time warp! The sweet transvestite! It’s time to do the time warp again. SoFlo’s Victoria Justice stars in the all-star, small-screen remake of the cult classic “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” We talked about hanging out on the beach, and rocking out — Rocky Horror-style.

Forty-one years after the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” first captivated audiences, the cult classic is back for a new generation, this time on the small screen.

But don’t call it a remake. The cast says this is a tribute to the original.

Victoria Justice: “The script is exactly the same. The wardrobe is different. It’s just more of a colorful experience with some new choices and new choreography.”

Hollywood, Florida’s own Victoria Justice stars as Janet, the role originally played by Susan Sarandon. And the story all starts with Janet and her boyfriend Brad who are stuck in a storm with a flat tire, and knock on the door of a creepy mansion for help.

That’s when they find a house full of wild characters with some elaborate songs.

Victoria Justice: “If it’s someone’s first experience with Rocky Horror, I think they just need to expect the unexpected.”

Especially this… the audience is like a character in itself, dressing up in costume, calling out to the screen and bringing props to throw. So what do you do if you’re watching at home?

Victoria Justice: “I want to encourage people to throw ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ parties. And if you are familiar with any of the call outs, don’t be afraid to yell them out at your screen. Hold up a newspaper, throw some popcorn or rice.”

Laverne Cox plays Dr. Frank-N-Furter, the iconic role made famous by Tim Curry, and Tim has a role in this one too.

So who will Victoria be watching it with?

Victoria Justice: “My 96 year old grandma is very excited to see this. I’m not sure she knows exactly what she’s in for, but it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

The big lips are warming up right now! “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” starts right after Deco, right here on 7.

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