The Redlander Restaurant freshens up Miami Spice

Today’s the start of Miami Spice.

And for the next two months, foodies can get great deals at some of Miami’s best restaurants.

Tonight we are heading south.

It’s a place known for its wine, and now for brunch, too.

Welcome to The Redlander Restaurant at Schnebly Redland’s Winery and Brewery in Homestead.

Kody Schnebly: “The Redlander Restaurant is our farm-to-table restaurant that highlights the unique properties and produce that we grow here in South Florida.”

From the grains they use to make some of the bread to the fruit on your plate — it doesn’t get much fresher than this.

Kody Schnebly: “We try to get everything local. Everything on our menu that’s produce-wise comes from within 50 miles of our property.”

The Redlander Restaurant has participated in Miami Spice before, and they couldn’t wait to be part of Spice’s new brunch bunch.

Kody Schnebly: “We have a lot of great brunch dishes, and we have a great brunch feel.”

Fill up on three courses for only $23.

Kody Schnebly: “One of those example is our avocado dippers, which is a panko-breaded fried piece of avocado that comes with a sorrel dipping sauce.”

For an entree — choose between french toast, eggs benedict, a chorizo burger top with a fried egg, or go for a stuffed avocado.

Kody Schnebly: “It is a local Florida avocado that we stuff with chicken, chorizo or shrimp or choice of proteins.”

And don’t forget about dessert!

Kody Schnebly: “For dessert we do an assortment of different options. One of ours is a seasonal fruit brulee.”

Lucas Serrott: “I think the food is amazing.”

Miami Spice brunch won’t break the bank.

Which might leave you a few bucks to include liquid refreshments.

Kody Schnebly: “For $15 you can get unlimited mimosas or beer-mosas. A beer-mosa is a mimosa made with beer.”

The Redlander Restaurant’s Miami Spice brunch is on Sundays throughout August and September.

“It’s a perfect day to relax and enjoy a great meal.”