A two-thousand year old story set in the Middle Eastern desert is getting a modern makeover in New Orleans. "The Passion" is being told using pop music sung by some of the biggest stars, including Prince Royce, Trisha Yearwood, and Chris Daughtry. And in the starring role of Jesus is Hialeah’s own, Jencarlos Canela, who told Deco the show is so emotional, sometimes he can’t even get through rehearsal.

Jencarlos Canela: "There was moments where we were crying on set there are scenes when we rehearse we can’t even get through them. It’s very compelling. It’s very skin chilling jaw dropping."

Daughtry plays Judas, Jesus’ close confidant and betrayer. Of course, Jencarlos is also a Latin pop star, and after "The Passion," he’s going to tour South America.

Catch the pop version of "The Passion" Sunday night at 8 p.m., right here on 7.

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