The mysterious Dîner en Blanc event returns to SoFlo

We like secrets in Deco, especially super chic fancy ones. So when we heard about a secret dinner event that had special wardrobe requirements, we jumped at the chance to find out more.

There is a white hot bash headed back to South Florida. The only catch is … guests don’t know who’s going or where it is.

T. Bernie, host: “Dîner en Blanc is an all-white, secret location pop-up chic picnic. Literally ‘dîner en blanc’ means ‘to dine in white.'”

This is the fourth year for the hush hush event.

Every year it’s at a different place.

The only thing you know for sure is what color you’re wearing.

T. Bernie: “The element of surprise and discovering where the location is. It’s a requirement that the venue is an open air space that is typically a prestigious landmark in that city, so we choose beautiful places for the event to take place.”

Here’s the deal. Thousands of guests bring their own food, tables, chairs and even silverware.

Yoana Obregon, host: “The guests load up to a bus with all their materials and they get transported to a secret location and there that’s where they pop it up.”

If cooking isn’t your thing, you can prepay for food and pick it up when you arrive.

T. Bernie: “But all the alcohol has to be bought on site.”

The event is for guests of all ages. The only requirement?

T. Bernie: “All white everything.”

Yoana Obregon: “It’s part of the magical experience.”

This year’s Dîner en Blanc is Nov. 9th.

T. Bernie: “It’s such an amazing energy when everyone is arriving together all looking alike and discovering where it actually is. So then you sit down and you dine and you get to meet new people, but the best part is after you transition from dinner into an amazing dance party.”

So grab a friend and your favorite white outfit.

Yoana Obregon: “It’s $43 per person, and you have to register in pairs.”


Dîner en Blanc

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