The Deco Drive weather department is sadly underfunded, so when our weather team guarantees us a white Christmas, we don’t buy it, but it doesn’t matter since one bar is going all out to get us feeling festive.

No snow? No problem. The Minnow Bar at Kimpton Angler’s Hotel on South Beach is doing Christmas the SoFlo way.

Sophia Fiedler, The Minnow Bar: “Sippin’ Santa is a unique pop-up experience that’s happening here in Minnow Bar. It’s where a tiki bar meets a Christmas bar.”

And a tiki bar means one thing: Alcohol. Lots of it.

Sophia Fiedler: “In true classic tiki style, all of the cocktails are very over proofed.”

A.K.A. very strong.

They’ve got a special Christmas cocktail menu featuring the Jingle Bowl, which is meant to be shared.

Sophia Fiedler: “A twist on a classic tiki cocktail, but it has the added cinnamon element to it — a mixture of rums, amaros and fresh juices.”

There’s the Don and Victor, which is served nice and hot.

Sophia Fiedler: “It is a twist on a hot buttered rum.”

You’ve also got the Sippin’ Santa cocktail with rum, fresh juices and a gingerbread mix.

Rati Lavania, customer: “So good. It’s really yummy. It’s strong, so it’s good. Yeah, it’s perfect for Christmas.”

Plus there’s the Papa Noel.

Deepti Sayan, customer: “I love it. I love tequila. This is a tequila drink. As my shirt says, ‘Tequila Made Me Do It,’ haha.”

Meanwhile, deck these halls with Christmas decorations and typical tiki bar stuff like fishing nets.

Sophia Fiedler: “It’s kind of the perfect mixture of both.”

And we can’t not mention twerking Santa.

Get down with your bad self, Saint Nick!

Sophia Fiedler: “Twerking Santa. Yeah, he’s real creepy, but he’s pretty fun.”

OK, fair point. We can see the whole Santa Claus shaking his butt thing being a little odd, but he’s definitely part of the whole vibe going on at this pop-up.

Sophia Fiedler: “Being so close to the beach, it seems perfect that we’re here pouring rum, pouring fresh juices, but also celebrating Christmas because we never really feel Christmas-y in Miami.”

Sippin’ Santa is going to be at Minnow Bar from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. every night until Christmas Day.

The Minnow Bar
660 Washington Ave,
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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