George Clooney wrapped production on his new sci-fi film, “The Midnight Sky,” weeks before the coronavirus lockdown.

And get this, the pandemic actually changed the tone of his film, turning it into a very timely story.

George Clooney (as Augustine): “Come in Aether. This is Barbo Observatory, are you receiving this?”

George Clooney directed and stars in the post-apocalyptic sci-fi epic “The Midnight Sky.”

He plays a lone scientist racing against time to stop a crew of astronauts from returning to Earth. A global catastrophe has made it unlivable and most of humanity has been wiped out.

George Clooney: “Before the idea was what we could do to one another 30 years from now if we ignore science or if we, or if we’re, we continue along the lines of sort of divisiveness.”

But then the coronavirus pandemic hit and changed the tone of the movie.

George Clooney: “We finished in February just before everybody got locked down… and then once we got to the pandemic, we started cutting towards the idea of our inability to get home, our an inability to see one another, our inability, my inability to see my mom and dad, you know? Um, and that became a much stronger theme while we were in post-production.”

David Oyelowo (as Adewole): “Why is it so quiet?”

David Oyelowo: “I think the film really has that thing that most great stories have, which is an extraordinary backdrop with fairly ordinary people having to deal with those extraordinary things and you know, some of those extraordinary things that we’re dealing with in the film are far more present with us now in this world with the pandemic.”

Felicity Jones: “I much prefer pretending to do this than actually be going through it. Um, but it has, I mean it’s just made the film even even more prescient and yeah and relevant. It’s, it’s quite extraordinary in a totally unimagined way.”

George Clooney (as Augustine): “I have to warn them about the conditions on Earth.”

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