‘The Mick’ star talks to Deco about FOX’s new show

We can start the new year with a new show! “The Mick” has an irresponsible aunt suddenly in charge of the kids. And star Kaitlin Olson told Deco that the key is wine. Plenty of wine. Sounds like our kinda show!

Family dysfunction is about going to a whole new level in FOX’s “The Mick.”

Kaitlin Olson (as Mackenzie Murphy): “Keys, Alba, I need some car keys. The kids are late.”

Carla Jimenez (as Alba): “Oh, kids go to school already. Miss Pudo like to sleep in, so I took care of ’em.”

Mickey, played by Kaitlin Olsen, is getting handed everything she ever wanted.

Kaitlin Olson: “She’s just super selfish, degenerate. She needs to borrow money from her sister.”

And gets way more than she ever bargained for.

Kaitlin Olson: “Her sister pretty soon gets taken away by the Feds with her husband, and she’s stuck there to take care of the kids.”

Kaitlin Olson (as Mackenzie Murphy): “Oh, hey, you guys are home. Cool. What’s everyone thinking for dinner?”

Jack Stanton (as Ben Pemberton): “We just ate breakfast.”

To say her road to parenthood is rocky, is a bit of an understatement.

Kaitlin Olson: “It’s funny. It’s a classic fish-out-of-water situation.”

Her journey from degenerate aunt to fill-in mom is short and definitely difficult, but it’s nothing a glass of wine can’t fix, especially for Mickey.

Kaitlin Olson: “It’s a great example of what it feels like to be completely out of control and try to maintain control when the kids are going crazy. Her way of going about parenting them is ridiculous, but ultimately, she really is doing her best.”

Kaitlin says, don’t be fooled by the fact that the main character is a wine-swilling aunt. This show is a good reason to get the entire family together for one giant laugh.

Kaitlin Olson: “It’s just a really funny show. There’s some humor that will go over little kids’ heads, and I think that’s totally fine.”

And she suggests grabbing a good box of wine to sip on while sitting on the couch.

Kaitlin Olson: “Rosé. It’s a female lead, you get a pink wine and you drink it, or all wine. Really, the answer is all wine.”

Thomas Barbusca (as Chip Pemberton): “You were like this when we came home from school yesterday.”

Kaitlin Olson (as Mackenzie Murphy): “Huh. Well, where’s Alba?”

Carla Jimenez (as Alba): “Help!”

You can catch Kaitlin as “The Mick” when the series premiere’s this Sunday at 8 p.m., right after football, right here on 7.

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