The future is female, especially on International Women’s Day, but the future is also filled with technology.

Robots seem to be taking over the food service industry. In fact, two hotels now have robot servers. One is female, and they’re showing us a different kind of hospitality.

Whoever said robots aren’t the future, has never seen “Wall-E.”

At the Marriott Fort Lauderdale airport, your server might look a little mechanical.

Mychal Milian: “The Marriott Fort Lauderdale Airport is a 196-room hotel just south of the Fort Lauderdale Airport inside the new Dania Point Mall. We have Betty-bot, our newest server.”

Betty-bot does all kinds of things, like bus tables and brings out your food.

Mychal Milian: “She pretty much helps our servers out, and she allows the server to focus a little bit more on the tables and improve that guest experience.”

That way all your needs are met, and ordering is made really easy.

Mychal Milian: “So you order like normal from your server, and what Betty-bot does is she brings the food over from the kitchen over to your seat. Betty-bot’s a natural when it comes to hospitality, she already knows where the food is going to go, and she can anticipate the guests’ needs.”

And robots know hospitality.

Betty-bot was cool, but how about dinner being sent to your hotel?

At the AC Hotel Miami Dadeland, the robot comes right to you in the lobby.

AC Hotel Miami Dadeland spokesperson: “When you check in at the AC Hotel Miami Dadeland, all guests receive, along with their key card, a QR code that they can scan. All you have to do is take a picture of the QR code and immediately that takes you to the fan food website, which tells you the list of restaurants that you can order from.”

It’s as simple as taking a picture.

Once you place your order, the restaurant puts the food in the robot, and then the robot is on its way to you.

AC Hotel Miami Dadeland spokesperson: “We wanted to incorporate a state-of-the-art technological experience for all of our guests. An added feature at no costs, and the fact that we are connected to the mall without having to actually leave the hotel room is beneficial for any guests staying with us.”

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