The magical language of ‘Fantastic Beasts’

Harry Potter sure knew how to cast a spell, but for “Fantastic Beasts,” author J.K. Rowling had to practically invent a new language. Now the stars are helping Deco viewers say the magic words.

In “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” the Wizarding World has its own language.

Katherine Waterston (as Tina Goldstein): “You wiped his memory right? The No-Maj?

Eddie Redmayne (as Newt Scamander): “The what?”

Katherine Waterston (as Tina Goldstein): “No-Maj. The non-wizard!”

Eddie Redmayne (as Newt Scamander): “Sorry, we call them Muggles.”

J.K. Rowling’s newest story takes place in 1926 New York City — way before Harry Potter was born.

For Harry, we learned words like Quidditch and Mudblood.

Katherine Waterston: “Shooting in England, it’s very realistic. There are completely different worlds for everything.”

Katherine Waterston and Eddie Redmayne are Newt and Tina. They’re part of a new movie, set in another country. So why not new words?

Katherine Waterston: “So she was right to give us a whole new set of terms for the other side of the ocean.”

And in honor of this new fantastic language, we give you the Deco Drive Dictionary. This week’s edition — Fantastic Words in “Fantastic Beasts.”

Carmen Ejogo (as Seraphina Picquery): “Magical beasts are terrorizing No-Majs. When No-Majs are afraid, they attack.”

First up, “No-Maj.”

Eddie Redmayne: “A No-Maj is a Muggle.”

Katherine Waterston: “A Muggle.”

Eddie Redmayne: “We call them Muggles; you guys call them No-Majs.”

A No-Maj is the same as a Muggle. It’s a person with two non-magical parents, who can’t perform magic.

Then there is MACUSA.

Colin Farrell: “Kind if the central governing body of the population of wizards in North America, kind of like the United Nations of sorts.”

As Graves, Colin Farrell is the head of magical security at MACUSA, the Magical Congress of the United States of America.

MACUSA is the American version of the Ministry of Magic. They are in charge of witches and wizards in the States.

Alison Sudol (as Queenie Goldstein): “Tiny, you brought men home.”

Alison Sudol and Dan Fogler are forbidden lovebirds Queenie and Jacob. As a No-Maj, Jacob learns all about giggle water.

Dan Fogler: “Giggle water is kind of like tequila shots in the Wizarding World, but for No-Majs, it makes them giggle.”

Who needs Webster’s Dictionary? We have J.K. Rowling’s.

J.K.’s words have become part of college life, too. Many schools have intramural Quidditch teams. I wonder how long until someone makes real giggle water…

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