(WSVN) - Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Adam Driver walk into a castle, okay? This is like, a thing, OK? It’s not a setup joke.

No actually, it’s far from it.

After hearing the plot of their new medieval movie, we want their characters to walk right out!

“The Last Duel” is based on a true story about a brave woman, and all the crappy men around her.

But don’t worry, one of them gets the *sword hand gesture* by the end, you know? It’s history so there are no spoilers!

Hollywood dream team Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are getting medieval!

In “The Last Duel,” Jodie Comer plays Marguerite de Carrouges, who claims she was assaulted by her husband’s former friend.

It’s a true story from 1300s France.

Jodie Comer: “It was really kind of sad and infuriating how little information there was about her, considering she was the person at the heart of it.”

Matt Damon plays the husband, knight Jean de Carrouges.

Matt Damon: “Everyone who made this movie understands that she is telling the truth. The only one who doesn’t is Adam Driver’s character.”

He’s talking about Jacques Le Gris, who in revenge, Jean challenges to a trial by combat!

Matt Damon: “Because of all the institutions validating his experience and his belief and telling him that he could do no wrong, he could actually do something so heinous and wrong and not even understand that he’d done it.”

But there’s a conflict of interest here! Ben Affleck’s Pierre d’Alençon considers Jacques his right-hand man, so the “nobleman” dismisses Marguerite’s allegations as just a dream.

Ben Affleck: “We simply want to tell a story about an extraordinary woman. Her story is a great story, that it happens to be a true story makes it better because when the audience just then knows like, ‘Oh my god, this is real. This took place.'”

And so a duel to the death is the last resort and the last legal one in France’s history!

But before you think Jean’s chivalry is all selfless…

Jodie Comer: “From the guys’ perspectives, they’re ruled by their ego and their power and you see how that’s questioned in Marguerite’s story.”

The film is divided into three parts, each being told from a different perspective — the last, the woman’s.

And co-screenwriter Nicole Holofcener spills the real tea.

Nicole Holofcener: “What one thinks chivalry is in this movie, especially, is vanity and pride and jealousy and revenge, and it’s really not about protecting the woman at all.”

Affleck and Damon wrote “The Last Duel” along with Holofcener.

Fun fact: it is the first time they have written a screenplay together since “Good Will Hunting.”

“The Last Duel” jousts into theaters this weekend.

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