Memories don’t always last forever, even the best ones, but in the new Apple TV Plus drama starring Samuel L. Jackson, they could help solve a murder.

In “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey,” Jackson plays a man who’s losing his memory but gets a second chance at life when he’s offered an experimental treatment. It could even help him solve a mystery, but with one considerable side effect.

There’s a riddle that goes, what can form in an instant but last a lifetime? The answer is memory, but that is not true for people suffering from dementia, and Samuel L. Jackson knows that all too well.

Samuel L. Jackson: “Watching various people in my family go away, in terms of that disease taking them and robbing them of the richness of their lives.”

He stars in “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey,” about a man with Alzheimer’s…

Samuel L. Jackson: “These people are still worthwhile, and that they still have something to give.”

…Who’s offered an experimental treatment and uses it to help solve the death of his nephew, Reggie, played by Omar Benson Miller.

Omar Benson Miller: “Reggie grew up with him and idolized him.”

But, there’s more to it, and a big catch.

Alex Miranda: “The series does such a great job at showing you how vulnerable people with Alzheimer’s are.”

Omar Benson Miller: “By the end of the series, you don’t feel hopeless and helpless. You actually come out elevated as opposed to dejected.”

Dominique Fishback stars as Robin.

Dominique Fishback: “A young girl who is looking for a home. She doesn’t really have family.”

So she takes Ptolemy under her wing.

Dominique Fishback: “I would take it, because I would want the best couple of days or hours with the people that I love.”

And watching the Apple TV+ show, you’ll probably wonder if you would too.

Samuel L. Jackson: “Of course, I would.”

Alex Miranda: “I was thinking to myself, man, what are the most valuable and important memories that I hold, that I’m grateful to hold and still hold?”

Samuel L. Jackson: “My wife and daughter. Those are things you don’t want to lose. The times that you spent with them that are meaningful or milestones that made our family stronger.”

Omar Benson Miller: “It’s imperative for me to remember being loved. To remember that. There’s nothing more valuable.”

Dominique Fishback: “I had feelings for someone in the past, and even though it didn’t, quote, ‘End the way I thought it would,’ I think that what I learned was unconditional love and how to really be myself.”

“The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey” begins streaming next Friday, Mar. 11, on Apple TV Plus.

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