The Halal Guys open shop in Broward

Turns out snow birds aren’t the only ones who like sunny South Florida. One of New York’s most popular food items has come to the 954. But the good news is — when the snow birds fly north, the restaurant is staying.

There are some new guys in Davie, and they’ve brought a taste of the Middle East and of Midtown Manhattan to Broward.

Shahmeer Alam: “The Halal Guys is a Middle Eastern Mediterranean type of restaurant.”

If the food and the logo look familiar, you might have seen them in the Big Apple.

Shahmeer Alam: “The Halal Guys is a food cart that started in 1990 on 53rd and Sixth Avenue. It was the first Halal food cart in all of New York.”

Halal is the term for food Muslims are allowed to eat — and from the looks of the lines at the cart in New York and at the store in Davie — it’s delish.

Shahmeer Alam: “People love it. They say it’s just the same as you would find in New York. The only difference is better weather and palm trees.”

Hassan Chaudhary: “I tried the one in New York and it’s amazing, and I came here to get that same taste.”

The menu is simple, and at under $9 an item, it’s affordable too.

Shahmeer Alam: “We basically have platers and sandwiches and on them we have three options. We have chicken, beef gyro and falafel. Falafel is our vegetarian option.”

You can get any of the proteins, or a combo of them, with veggies. Put it on yellow rice or it wrapped in a pita. And don’t forget to top it off with their famous sauces.

Shahmeer Alam: “Our sauces are phenomenal. Basically we have our white sauce, which made us famous. People love it. It’s a mayonnaise based with spices… but it’s a secret. Our hot sauce is explosively hot. If you’ve ever tried any hot sauce, it’s on our own scale.”

The taste is the same as in New York, but while you are eating, you’re not breathing in exhaust fumes from busses and taxis.

Shahmeer Alam: “All of the seasoning and spices come from the same recipe that is found at The Halal Guys carts. A lot of it is a secret, so we can’t disclose everything but we marinated everything in-house and it’s freshly prepared.”

An added bonus of a fast casual restaurant? They have sides like fries and hummus, and even baklava for dessert.

Shahmeer Alam: “Here on our menu you have the same thing you have at the cart, except we have more options.”

The Halal Guys will chop it, slice it, wrap it and roll it.

Just make sure you get it!


The Halal Guys in Davie
2268 S. University Dr.
Davie, Florida 33324

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