‘The Gifted’ and ‘Lucifer’ take viewers to other worlds

Mutants are looking for their place in the world, and Satan is being as devilish as ever. The stars of “The Gifted” and “Lucifer” told Deco about the good, evil and everything in between.

Young mutants are coming into their own, but that’s not really great news.

In “The Gifted,” it’s not illegal to be a mutant — it’s just illegal to use your powers. And where’s the fun in that?

Stephen Moyer (as Reed Strucker): “Believe it or not, I am here to help you.”

Stephen Moyer: “He is trying to help her, but he is kind of warning her.”

Stephen Moyer plays a prosecutor working to keep mutants in check.

But his world is turned upside down when he and his wife, played by Amy Acker, make a stunning revelation.

Amy Acker: “Finding out that our two children are mutants and that our daughter has actually been hiding this from us for the past couple of years.”

The show is set in Marvel’s “X-Men” universe, but it’s completely racheting up the teen angst.

Natalie Alyn Lind (as Lauren Strucker): “Dad puts people like us in jail.”

You may recognize Stephen from “True Blood.” He told Deco that playing vampire Bill helped prepare him to be a mutant-hunting dad.

Stephen Moyer: “There were definite similarities between, you know, the vampires coming out of the coffins and our mutants representing whether it’s civil rights.”

“The Gifted” isn’t the only other-worldly show on Monday night.

“Lucifer” is back and spreading his wings!

Turns out, he’s a devil with daddy issues.

Tom Ellis: “Lucifer’s wings represent an awful lot to him, but mainly represent his father.”

Rachael Harris (as Linda Martin): “I didn’t know that they could grow back.”

And fortunately, his therapist, played by the amazing Rachael Harris, is a bit immobile, so she’s able to devote her full attention to all of his problems.

Rachael Harris (as Linda Martin): “Are wings like body hair?”

Tom Ellis (as Lucifer): “No. Don’t be so ridiculous.”

Rachael Harris: “He’s absolutely beside himself that his wings are back, and he wants to get to the bottom of who is doing this to him and why.”

But it’s not all about hell. There’s gonna be plenty of devil-inspired girls’ nights in this season.

Rachael Harris: “The room isn’t spinning, is it?”

Tom Ellis (as Lucifer): “No.”

Tom Ellis: “We’re having a lot of fun, sort of mixing those relationships up and cross-pollinating characters that have not really spent much time together before.”

And even though we talked to her for about 10 minutes, Rachael boiled down the essence of our conversation to a few simple, sexy phrases.

Rachael Harris: “We’ve got a love triangle going. Chloe and Linda get together and have like a fun night of debauchery. And Tom Ellis is practically nude, and who doesn’t want to see that?”

Sign me up!

Tom Ellis (as Lucifer): “I suppose that’s what I get for giving Mom her own universe.”

“Lucifer” and friends are up next, followed immediately by “The Gifted” right here on Channel 7.

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