‘The Founder’ tells the story behind McDonald’s

(WSVN) - “Would you like fries with that?” and “super size it” are part of our world now because of one place. Whether you like McDonald’s or not, it changed the face of the restaurant business and invented fast food!

“The Founder” looks at the man behind the golden arches –and the people he stepped on along the way.

Michael Keaton (as Ray Kroc): “I know what you’re thinking. How the heck does a 52-year-old over-the-hill milkshake machine salesman build a fast food empire with 1,600 restaurants?”

“The Founder” looks at how businessman Ray Kroc turned a single hamburger stand in California into the empire that it is today.

Michael Keaton (as Ray Kroc): “There should be McDonald’s everywhere. Franchise the damn thing.”

“The Founder” is about Ray Kroc, played by Michael Keaton, but he’s not actually responsible for founding McDonald’s. The McDonald brothers are.

John Carroll Lynch: “It’s a story about what success really is. It’s about creating something that’s never been created and inventing it and perfecting it and doing it with integrity.”

Kroc discovered McDonald’s original restaurant, and was blown away by their efficiency.

Nick Offerman (as Dick McDonald): “Orders ready in 30 seconds, not 30 minutes.”

The movie tells the true story of how the McDonald brothers started McDonald’s, and Ray Kroc essentially took it from them.

Nick Offerman (as Dick McDonald): “You have a contract!”

Michael Keaton (as Ray Kroc): “Contracts are like hearts, they are made to be broken.”

Laura Dern: “Learning about the McDonald’s brothers, for me, changed a lot, but also, you learn in all business how people try to cut corners.”

Kroc talked the brothers into franchising, and then found a loophole to sink them.

B.J. Novak (as Harry J. Sonneborn): “What you ought to be doing is owning the land on which that burger is cooked. You’re not in the burger business, you’re in the real estate business.”

Michael Keaton: “You have to give them credit. An awful lot of credit for Ronald McDonald houses, and when Joan Kroc inherited that fortune, she’s very, very generous with her money.”

And Michael Keaton, it seems, is a big fan of Mickey D’s…. sharing this very specific memory of a special meal there.

Michael Keaton: “I was driving through this little town way out in the middle of nowhere, late in the evening, especially for this town late. They had one place open and I crushed a Big ac, just crushed it. It was great.”

Michael Keaton (as Ray Kroc): “A glorious name, McDonald’s. I had to have it.”

Nick Offerman (as Dick McDonald): “You don’t have it.”

Michael Keaton (as Ray Kroc): “Are you sure about that?”

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