The Diplomat gets a face-lift

In South Florida getting a make over is nothing new. People get face-lifts and nips and tucks, so why not places? Pack your bags. We are heading to the new and improved Diplomat.

What’s old is new again in Hollywood, Florida.

The Diplomat Beach Resort is an iconic piece of SoFlo history — and it just got a multimillion-dollar make over.

Ed Walls: “This is The Diplomat Beach Resort. It’s been transformed over the last two years.”

Walking in the door, you can’t miss the the redo. The lobby went through a complete overhaul.

Ed Walls, The Diplomat Beach Resort: “The first thing you see is the infinity pool and Atlantic Ocean.”

John Illsley: “I love it. You feel like you are in Florida.”

The outside got an upgrade, too.

Ed Walls: “We partnered with Trina Turk out of New York to do four of our cabanas. We wanted to make sure the landscaping spoke to the Atlantic Ocean, and not have the landscaping in the way of the experience.”

As for the rooms, they added a couple.

Ed Walls: “We had 998 rooms and thought, ‘That was too short of 1,000,’ so we now have 1,000 rooms.”

The view outside the suites is the same, but inside it went from beige and brown to cool white and blue.

Ed Walls: “We did the carpet, all-new beds.”

And the resort went from six restaurants to 10. From sweets to grab and go, there’s something from everyone.

Ed Walls: “We have different custom price points for everyone. And we added two top chefs: Geoffrey Zakarian with Point Royal and Michael Schulson with Monkitail.”

Geoffrey Zakarian: “I am honored to be here and to put my stamp on this part of the land.”

Geoffrey Zakarian is known for “Iron Chef” and “Chopped.” You can add Point Royal at the Diplomat to the list.

Geoffrey Zakarian: “You have to design a restaurant here that feels natural and feels like it fits in. Basically, I would say coastal seafood, Mediterranean mixed.”

Take a bite out of the lobster roll, or the Point Royal Tower, or go for the fresh linguine with clams.

Stephanie Barth: “We came here for lunch, so there was lots of things to choose from. My husband had the lobster roll, and someone had the hamburger. We really enjoyed it.”

You don’t have to be a guest to enjoy the restaurants, and with this many, you can eat somewhere different every day of the week.

Geoffrey Zakarian: “You can come in anytime without reservations and just have a great meal.”

When you live in paradise, every day is a vacation, and thanks to The Diplomat, you can make it a “staycation.”


Diplomat Resort & Spa Hollywood
3555 S. Ocean Dr.
Hollywood, FL 33019
(954) 602-6000

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