Fort Lauderdale has a brand new, go-to destination. The Dalmar Hotel is changing the face of downtown. The place offers up the three “Rs:” restaurants, rooms and a rooftop bar with views of the city that will knock you out.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

That’s what Fort Lauderdale looks like from the rooftop bar at The Dalmar Hotel.

There’s no place like it downtown.

Jake Wurzak, president of Wurzak Hotel Group “The Dalmar is a 25-story, 325-room lifestyle hotel in downtown Fort Lauderdale. The first of its kind in Fort Lauderdale.”

With downtown Fort Lauderdale blowing up, The Dalmar is counting on the folks living in the downtown and Victoria Park neighborhoods to make it work.

Jake Wurzak: “The beach is mostly tourists, so we wanted to create a different experience for the local residents of Fort Lauderdale, and really, The Dalmar is also about bringing locals into the hotel. We’re not gonna be what we want to be if we don’t have locals.”

The Dalmar is right where it wants to be.

Jake Wurzak: “For the longest time, you had Flagler Village to the north and downtown Fort Lauderdale to the south. We’re basically bridging the gap between those two places.”

Who wouldn’t want to hang at a hotel that has its very own champagne dispensing machine in the lobby?

That’s just the start.

Jake Wurzak: “We’re delivering a guest experience in the rooms, a guest experience in the lobby from the rooftop bar to the restaurant.”

Let’s break that down.

A neat-looking corner suite with crazy wraparound views can be yours starting at $200 a night.

Jake Wurzak: “So all of our rooms are beautifully appointed to mimic the design and public spaces we have here. Black fixtures. All the rooms have ocean views.”

The Terrace Grill, the hotel’s signature restaurant, turns out tons of tasty dishes designed to delight diners no matter what they’re looking for.

Rebecca Bratter, customer: “The seasonings, the flavors and the local ingredients — everything is excellent so far.”

The crowing achievement of The Dalmar is Sparrow, the rooftop bar that sits on the top of the hotel.

Jake Wurzak: “So we have an indoor living room area, which is inside anchored by this amazing bar, and then when you go outside, that’s your patio.”

That’s no ordinary patio.

Lots of plants and visual designs surround you as you look out over Fort Lauderdale from 25 floors up.

Life in the clouds was never sweeter.

Taylor, customer: “Honestly, like, this is exactly what downtown Fort Lauderdale needed. We needed a high-rise rooftop bar.”


The Dalmar Hotel
299 N Federal Hwy.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

The Terrace Grill
299 N Federal Hwy.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

299 N Federal Hwy.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

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