Guuurrrlll, even though I love the holidays, they can really wear me out. But now that they’re over, it’s time to unwrap the gift of relaxation.

Out with the old, in with the new. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays officially a thing of the past, the new year is the perfect time for a little TLC.

And what better place to treat yourself than at The Confidante Hotel in Miami Beach?

Claudia Dowdy, The Confidante Miami Beach by Hyatt: “Our newly renovated spa features two air-conditioned cabanas. We also have different relaxation areas, and we have our terrace that overlooks the beach, so that’s very relaxing.”

It’s a rooftop retreat unlike any other, with tons of treatments guaranteed to leave you feeling fresh and fabulous.

And that’s not even the sweetest part.

Claudia Dowdy: “Our body glow exfoliation features our tropical cacao scrub that is made with naturally sourced ingredients.”

You heard right — she’s talking about chocolate.

The Confidante is the only place in the world you’ll find this indulgent scrub made by Exquisito Chocolates in Little Havana.

I’ll take a spoonful. Wait, is that even safe?

Claudia Dowdy: “The scrub is so pure that you can actually eat it.”

Phew. That’s a relief.

Amanda Rodriguez: “I actually ate the scrub that the lady used on my body, and it was delicious. I wanted to take some home.”

And it’s good for you, too.

Claudia Dowdy: “The body glow exfoliation promotes the blood circulation and also the release of toxins from the body.”

And speaking of removing bad things, one of the spa’s signature facial treatments uses magnets to literally pull out impurities, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth.

Amanda Rodriguez: “They kind of scrub it in to your face, and then they let it sit there for a little, and you feel like this tingly sensation. It just all comes off, and you feel like your face is being cleansed. It was very cool.”

So whether you’re looking for a little self-pampering, or maybe just some much needed R and R…

Claudia Dowdy: “We want them to leave fully relaxed and remember this experience.”

The Confidante is confident that you’re gonna leave feeling like a whole new person.

Amanda Rodriguez: “I left here today leaving rejuvenated, really relaxed. My muscles feel great. My skin feels very clean. It was a great experience.”

The Confidante Miami Beach by Hyatt
4041 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33140
(305) 424-1234

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