Isn’t it just the worst when your favorite pair of shoes get worn down to the point of no return? One innovative new shop in Miami can bring them back to life and even make them better than they were before. Deco’s sole man, Alex Miranda, has the details.

The Cobblers is not your everyday shoe repair shop. These people will literally rebuild your kicks from the ground up into a one-of-a-kind work of art for your feet … and wait until you see what they did to my Nikes. (Key word: snakeskin.)

Looking to step up your fashion game?

Warren Barthes, founder, The Cobblers: “All-Stars to Skechers to Steve Madden, but really, what we’re receiving on a daily basis is luxury brands: Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Prada.”

Start with your shoes, because now you don’t have to buy a whole new pair. You can just make your favorites…

Alex Miranda: “Even better. I’m thinking a Miami Vice vibe. Do you think that I can do it?”

At The Cobblers in Miami — take a look at this place! — experts can clear, repair and restore your high-quality shoes and handbags.

But there’s also a customization option that will blow sneakerheads’ minds.

Warren Barthes: “We’re going to build your shoes with leather, with python. You want to put your favorite soccer team or NBA team or whatever you want? That’s what we can do here.”

Jeremy Lacin is one of 30 passionate artisans here. He stepped in and hooped me up with some seriously exotic options, from stingray to…

Alex Miranda: “This is real crocodile?”

Jeremy Lacin, The Cobblers: “Absolutely. All of our materials are genuine.”

Alex Miranda: “Incredible!”

I went with python because, you know, invasive species, and Jeremy got to work … for nine hours straight!

Which is a good time for us to talk prices.

Warren Barthes: “If it’s a simple painting job, we’re going to start at $80, and that could go up to $300.”

But if you want to completely reconstruct your shoes from the sole up…

Warren Barthes: “There’s a job where it can go up to $1,500, and even more, so that depends on the material you’re going to choose.”

To answer your question, yes, I got the Deco discount.

Alex Miranda: “I hear that my shoes are almost ready. These are going to be coolest shoes I’ve ever owned in my life, so I’m so excited about this, and I see Jeremy coming over here!”

The Cobblers do not disappoint. These kicks will stop traffic!

Alex Miranda: “On the inside now, calfskin leather, Italian leather on top of that, and everything on the outside is genuine python with custom colorization. In other words, completely one of a kind … and no, Shireen, you can’t have them.”

The Cobblers has an insane offer right now: 50% off your first order through its website.

The Cobblers
6300 NE 4th Ave,
Miami, FL 33138

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