The co-writer for ‘Despacito’ talks about the makings of the hit song

No doubt about it — the song of the summer was definitely “Despacito.” This Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee jam became a sensation that even Justin Bieber couldn’t resist. Deco sat down with the song’s co-writer, and got the low down on that song you just can’t get out of your head.

“Despacito” is a worldwide smash. Luis Fonsi co-wrote the hit with Erika Ender, who credits her pal with getting the ball rolling.

Erika Ender: “He came up with the idea. He brought to the table “Despacito vamos a hacerlo en una playa en Puerto Rico.”

After that, it was time to start knocking the song into shape.

Erika Ender: “And we started doing the whole thing from scratch. I mean, from the top out of that main idea which was genius.”

It didn’t take long for the fun to start.

Erika Ender: “We weren’t thinking about every single thing that we were doing, we were just flowing. The energy was flowing, we were two friends just writing a good song.”

“Despacito” conquered the Latin music charts.

Then came a Justin Bieber remix.

His involvement turned the tune into a worldwide chart topper.

Erika Ender: “We’re never gonna know how far it would have gotten if Bieber wasn’t there, but the truth is that it went from 40s to Number 9 and to Number 3 and Number 1.”

Erika’s been a successful writer and singer way before “Despacito” came along.

A certain Magic City band inspired her to become a musician when she was just a kid.

Erika Ender: “When I was in Panama, I saw how Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan made it big and they were from Miami, and it was the Miami Sound Machine taking over the world.”

A lot of hard work went into creating “Despacito” but it was more than sweat that made it a legend.

Erika Ender: “And I do believe that planets aligned and that it was a dream team and that the universe was needing it at this moment and we as a Latin culture were needing this.”

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