We checked city records. Miami has eight million towns, subdivisions and neighborhoods, so we’re here to find cool spots and help narrow things down for ya. Miami’s own Alex Miranda is live on the Upper East Side tonight.

You could say Miami’s Upper Eastside is “purr-fect.”

The Cat’s Meow Café is right off Biscayne and 75th.

Elizabeth Gallardo, owner, The Cat’s Meow Café: “A cat café is what you think. so you come, you hang out with cats. You can have a drink or a snack.”

All the cute kitties here are looking for their “fur-ever” homes.

Elizabeth Gallardo: “You can connect with them and then eventually get them adopted.”

The Cat’s Meow also hosts events, like Just Kitten Around comedy shows and painting sessions.

Elizabeth Gallardo: “You create your own cat masterpiece, and you do it all with the cats inside the lounge.”

The friendly felines most definitely join the fun.

Elizabeth Gallardo: “They just love being in your business.”

Mauricio Franco, customer: “I love art. I get to pet cats, which I also love.”

Your garden oasis awaits just a few blocks south on Biscayne.

Ninfa Diaz, owner, MiMo Garden Center: “MiMo Garden Center is your local neighborhood hangout garden spot. We provide everything from indoor plants to outdoor plants.”

The selection is impressive.

Kelsey Kiefer, customer: “We really enjoy coming here, just to visit and just to have plants that I just don’t see every day.”

Deco would just like a second to also appreciate the beauty of this place.

Ninfa Diaz: “We purposely create sitting spaces for people to take their time, enjoy the space.”

The new restaurant Tigre is nearby. It sits right on the Little River.

Chef Deborah De Corral, owner, Tigre Miami: “As all Miamians known, we’re surrounded by water, but there’s not so many commercial properties on the water, so this is a jewel.”

A manatee zone is actually right here. Sadly, no sea cows wanted to come say hi to Deco.

But how about some food to cheer us up?

Chef Deborah De Corral: “The menu has Argentinean old school nostalgia, but with a modern twist.”

Chill out with Tigre’s Luna Roja.

Chef Deborah De Corral: “It’s a tuna tartar with gazpacho, roasted red beets, strawberries and tomato.”

Richie Hell, diner: “It’s nice, especially because of the hot weather in Miami, to have something with a good balance.”

Meanwhile, the bar is shaking up some tasty cocktails. You’re gonna want one to enjoy while relaxing in this unique Upper Eastside spot.

Chef Deborah De Corral: “The ambiance and the space, I think, adds a lot to the overall experience.”

The Cat’s Meow Café
7541 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33138

MiMo Garden Center
7238 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33138

620 NE 78th St.
Miami, FL 33138

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