Matthew McConaughey, Scarlett Johansson, even U2’s Bon are starring in an animated sequel so big, it’s out of this world.

I hitchhiked all the way to Hollywood for a little meet and greet with the stars of “Sing 2.”

And all I have to show for it is this jacket.

The all-star “Sing” cast just got more star-studded!

Yup, that’s U2’s Bono in “Sing 2”!

Buster Moon, played by Matthew McConaughey.

Matthew McConaughey: “He’s an aka number one hustler.”

And his cast of animal performers aren’t small-town anymore. This time, they prepare to launch a dazzling stage extravaganza.

But Buster has to persuade the world’s most reclusive rock star to join! And, a wolf mogul is holding him to it.

Alex Miranda: “This movie was so much fun, and the stakes are so high! There is an attempted murder.”

Matthew McConaughey: “The stakes are much higher. Everybody says they shed a tear in this film.”

It’s also like a two-hour Top 40 concert, plus.

Matthew McConaughey: “Classics that are introduced to my kids for the first time.”

Scarlett Johansson’s porcupine, Ash, learns music can heal a broken heart, even her idol’s. But tells me she’s most inspired by Broadway.

Scarlett Johansson: “I’m in awe of any performer that goes out there and does a show eight times a week and, like, gives their all and is, like, singing and dancing and acting.”

Tori Kelly plays Meena, a talented but timid teenage elephant.

Tori Kelly: “I’m a big believer in being nervous is OK.”

An audience favorite: Miss crawly, who’s actually voiced by director Garth Jennings?!

Garth Jennings [in voice]: “You want it like that? Oh, come on! I can’t do it for you now!”

Speaking of voices, Matthew’s also a fan of.

Matthew McConaughey: “Gunther! I’m fine! How are you?”

OK? Spot on!

Alex Miranda: “If you could perform a guilty pleasure song in front of thousands of people?”

Matthew McConaughey: “I’ve got a few originals I’ve been working on for 52 years.”

Scarlett Johansson: “Probably ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time.'”

Tori Kelly: “Ugh…”

Alex Miranda: “Yes!”

Tori Kelly: “I mean, that’s a great one.”

A dream Tori has already realized.

Scarlett Johansson: “On stage you performed that?”

Tori Kelly: “On stage.”

Scarlett Johansson: “And people were there for it?”

Tori Kelly: “Yeah.”

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