The Bungalow Bazaar designs masks to match your wardrobe

For over a year, we’ve been covering our faces with masks. Paper masks, fabric ones, even bandanas — we’ve seen it all.

Now a mask can be a part of your outfit of the day, not just something you grab on your way out the door.

Let’s face it, a mask is a must!

Since you’ve gotta wear one, why not look cute?

Dana Goldberg: “The trend we are seeing as far as masks. is matching your mask to whatever you are wearing on that particular day.”

The look is all the rage with Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish.

Dana Goldberg: “Everyone is enjoying matching their outfits to their masks.”

When it comes to these coordinating combos, online boutique The Bungalow Bazaar knows their stuff.

Dana Goldberg: “What makes a good matching mask and outfit is print on print. For example, a lot of the designers are taking the extra fabric to make a dress and making a mask out of it.”

From kimonos to sun-dresses, you will look put together and help protect everyone from germs.

Dana Goldberg: “We have a dress at the bungalow bazaar that is a beautiful e-cat print and matching that mask to a beautiful print emphasizes the outfit.”

This baby doll dress and mask are great for summer.

And, snap to it! The Bungalow Bazaar’s got a skirt set that’s a perfect match.

Dana Goldberg: “One of the hottest skirts I have in stock now is the snap pareo that you can wear from the beach to the bar. It snaps so you don’t have to tie it. It fits on your body beautifully and having the matching mask is really fun.”

You match your purse and shoes to your dresses, a mask is just another accessory, and you can never have too many.

Dana Goldberg: “The matching mask and outfit is for the woman who cares what she looks like. She wants to be well put together and it’s become an accessory of the year.”

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