The Boss

If at first you thought "The Boss" was a movie about Bruce Springsteen… me too. But no, Melissa McCarthy wore a lot of hats for this movie. And not only does she star in it, she wrote and produced it too– and her husband, Ben Falcone directed it.

Melissa McCarthy is the boss. She plays a business mogul who always gets her way, no matter who she has to step on. It’s a character Melissa first created 15 years ago.

Melissa McCarthy: "I really was taken with her. I was taken with that energy and just how bombastic she was and how confident and in the weirdest way, you also kind of thought she made sense."

The life that Michelle Darnell is used to comes to a screeching halt when she’s sent to prison. When she gets out, she’s broke, homeless and no one likes her.

The only person she can turn to is her former assistant, Claire, played by Kristen Bell. She tells Deco Melissa McCarthy is much nicer than her character.

Kristen Bell: "She is so impenetrably funny. You can’t throw her off but she is also kind of a walking human heart. She’s exceptionally kind."

Melissa McCarthy: "Kristen Bell is a real, real dreamboat. I was trying to think of something terrible to say but I can’t."

Melissa’s character moves in with Kristen’s and they come up with a business plan involving kids.

There’s a steady stream of laughs throughout the movie, but it was a scene where Claire gets bra tips from Michelle that had everyone cracking up.

Kristen Bell: "Thankfully we shot it towards the end of the movie and we were both very comfortable with each other so we just went for it."

Melissa McCarthy: "The crew’s laughing, everybody’s laughing it’s like we’re rolling! We were trying to get it but you couldn’t because everybody kept laughing."

"The Boss" hits theaters Thursday night.