If you can’t get enough of “Angry Birds” on your phone, now you can get your high-flying fix in theaters. Deco sat down with the stars of the film and talked birds, anger management and how to fight those pesky pigs.

Jason Sudeikis and Josh Gad practiced some anger management in “The Angry Birds Movie.” The animated adventure is based on the mobile game, a game, it seems, almost everyone has played … except for maybe Jason.

Jason Sudeikis: “Being on Earth, I think you had to have known about it. I hadn’t played it, actually, at all prior to signing up for the film.”

Josh Gad: “I played ‘Star Wars Angry Birds’ a lot. I was on set doing ‘Wedding Ringer,’ and somebody kinda hooked me on it, and it was just a great distraction.”

In the film, the birds have their happy life turned upside down by some greedy green pigs. That’s when the birds get very, very angry.

Jason Sudeikis: “I play Red, who is the angriest bird on Bird Island, which is a bunch of happy-go-lucky birds that couldn’t care less to learn to fly.”

Josh Gad plays Chuck, a lonely bird looking for a feathered friend.

Josh Gad: “He tries to befriend Red, much to no avail early on, much like our relationship, actually. [To Jason] I actually try to, like, get closer to you and you sort of keep me…”

Jason Sudeikis: “Don’t touch me.”

Josh Gad: “Yeah, like that, at a distance, so…”

Jason Sudeikis: “Sorry.”

Turns out being the voice of a bird isn’t easy.

Josh Gad: “I think if there were videos of us performing in the booth. We would look insane.”

Oh, don’t worry, Josh. We have the videos.

Josh Gad: “What would a mighty eagle battle cry sound like? You know what? I think I got an idea. Maybe something like, ‘Aaaaaah!'”

Josh Gad: “A lot of people have this misperception that doing voiceover work must be easy, but it’s actually the opposite. At least for me, a lot of it is very physical.”

Jason Sudeikis: “It was like five-hour sessions, if not longer, and I’d show up and eat lunch first, because I’d get dizzy otherwise.”

While the film is animated, there are plenty of laughs for all ages.

“The Angry Birds Movie” is now showing in theaters.

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