Did you know there are mermaids in Florida? Well, there are! And they really care about the environment.

Deco’s checking out how one SoFlo company is taking art below the surface.

Come on in, the water’s fine!

There’s an underwater art gallery waiting to be explored off the coast of Palm Beach.

Evan Snow: “The 1000 Mermaids Artificial Reef project is an eco-art coral restoration and ocean conservation initiative.”

Think of it as art with a purpose!

This artificial reef helps SoFlo’s natural reef while also providing a home to marine life and giving divers a unique site to discover.

Evan Snow: “They’re gonna see an underwater sculpture garden unlike anything that they’ve ever seen before with artistically crafted, full-size mermaid sculptures. We also have a variety of memorial reef sculptures. And we also have some more abstract artificial reef sculptures that are more environmentally beneficial that provide the habitat and houses for fish.”

Looking at mermaids is cool! But you can actually turn into one.

And that’s no fish tale!

Evan Snow: “We do encourage people to swim up to our underwater selfie tail station, so they can become a mermaid as well.”

These underwater sculpture mermaids aren’t just massive. They’re built to last.

Evan Snow: “Once you put it down there, it’s not coming out. We make them over 3,000 pounds.”

Right now there are 80 different pieces to explore in the Palm Beach gallery.

Meaning, tons of photo ops!

Evan Snow: “A lot of the content that you see has actually been recorded with go pros. It actually comes out pretty well. At 40 feet of depth, you’re able to use any camera.”

You don’t have to be a pro-diver to visit the site.

Evan Snow: “You can see them if you were snorkeling from the surface level.”

But for the best experience…

Evan Snow: “We encourage people to have a scuba diver’s license to go down there. You can generally have a good time on a one or a two-tank dive at the site.”

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