That Dame, Helen Mirren

(WSVN) - It’s hard to imagine that Dame Helen Mirren would be afraid of anything, but the actress was once terrified of doing her first talk show. Luckily, the interview in question is making the rounds online, and Mirren is amazing in it.

Dame Helen Mirren has become one of the greatest actors of our generation, so when a 41-year-old interview with British talk show host Michael Parkinson was rediscovered, it went viral overnight.

It all starts with an intro — describing what critics apparently say of Miss Mirren.

Michael Parkinson: “I quote, ‘She’s especially telling in projecting sluttish eroticism.’ Miss Helen Mirren.”

But not to worry, the young actress masterfully defends herself from what appear to be sexist questions, especially when Parkinson talks about Mirren’s pursuit of becoming a serious actress.

Michael Parkinson: “Do you find it to be fact that, what could be best described as your equipment hinders you in that pursuit?”

Helen Mirren: “I’d like you to explain what you mean by my ‘equipment.'”

The host then says that he meant Helen’s physical attributes.

Helen Mirren: “Do you mean my fingers?

Michael Parkinson: “No, I meant your…”

Then it gets even worse.

Michael Parkinson: “Do you find that your figure, your physical attributes that people always go on about, hinder you in your pursuit of the ambition of being a serious actress?”

Helen Mirren: “A serious actress! ‘Cause serious actresses can’t have big bosoms, is that what you mean?”

Overall, Helen gives him an answer fitting of a future dame.

Helen Mirren: “I would hope that the performance and the play and the living relationship between all the people on stage and the people in the audience overcome such boring questions. Really.”

Michael Parkinson: “Boring questions?”

Helen Mirren: “Pretty boring in the end, yeah.”

Ahhh — that’s the actress we know and love!

Michael Parkinson, 2006 interview: “Ladies and gentlemen, Helen Mirren.”

Years later, while promoting her film “The Queen,” the dame came back to Parkinson’s talk show.

This time around, Mirren would tell Parkinson exactly how she feels.

Helen Mirren: “I hated you. I thought you were a sexist person for mentioning my breasts.”

You go, girl.

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