Thanksgiving leftovers at Edge Steak & Bar

Lynn’s already stuffed thinking about her Thanksgiving feast and it hasn’t even happened yet. But if you’re like her, all that weighs on your mind is what to do with all those leftovers? We’ve gone over the edge to help.

When it comes to Thanksgiving leftovers, there’s no need to go cold turkey.

Aaron Brooks: “It’s not just about making a sandwich and putting all your Thanksgiving leftovers in a bun and eating them with some gravy.”

Here’s some food for thought from chef aaron brooks from Edge Steak & Bar at the Four Seasons Brickell.

Aaron Brooks: “We like to play around a little bit different, so I’ve twisted things up.”

Ever hear of Thanksgiving croquettas?

Aaron Brooks: “It’s all your simple flavors and basically, you’re just taking your leftovers, and you’re gonna chop it all up, mold it, bread it and deep fry it. You can’t go wrong.”

Sautee your favorite veggies in some olive oil, and throw it all in a food processor.

Add chopped turkey and mashed potatoes, some seasoning and start mixing.

Now comes the fun stuff: scooping.

Aaron Brooks: “You can do it with your hands and just make like little balls. Take em in your hand like this.”

Deep fry them and they’re done. All they need is a side of gravy. Chef has something else brewing too: an Australian lamb flatbread.

Aaron Brooks: “I like to eat a lot of Aussie lamb. That’s where I’m from that’s what I grew up on.”

Edge’s twist cranberry chimichurri sauce.

Aaron Brooks: “The classic steak sauce in Miami is chimichurri, but with turkey, it’s cranberry so it’s like a classic marriage.”

It’s easy to make too. Take cranberry sauce, lemon zest and red wine vinegar oil and dried oregano mix in some herbs and spice and voila.

Aaron Brooks: “That’s it, taste it, check your seasoning. Awesome.”

For the flatbread, you can buy pizza dough or make your own.

Aaron Brooks: “Just roll it out.”

Toast it up on the grill. Throw some thinly sliced lamb on top, and drizzle away with your cranberry dressing.

And here’s proof it passes the taste test.

Customer: “The idea of using different types of meat like lamb, it’s genius.”

Customer: “Oh my god, it was so good.”

EDGE Steak & Bar
at Four Seasons Hotel Miami
1435 Brickell Avenue, Miami, FL

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