Thank you for a Thanksgiving burger at Pizza & Burger

A big family dinner — that’s what Thanksgiving is all about … or is it? Sometimes, you just want to shake things up a bit. An eatery in the 305 has tweaked the time-honored tradition. The presentation is different — but the taste is just like home.

If you’d like to avoid a messy scene on Thanksgiving, make it on over to the Fontainebleau’s Pizza & Burger in Miami Beach for a most unique holiday meal.

Thomas Connell: “And so what we came up for Pizza & Burger was to do a traditional Thanksgiving turkey burger.”

Here’s a chance to give thanks in a new and tasty way…

Thomas Connell: “It gives guests an opportunity that aren’t necessarily looking for that traditional turkey experience, but the flavors, and kind-of the style and flair of it, in the form of a burger.”

They call this bad boy The Bounty. There’s a good reason for that. It’s a full turkey dinner packed in a patty. Let’s begin with the bun…

Thomas Connell: “So we made a foccaccia bun with a little bit of sage to it. We do an actual sage butter.”

Now for the meat of the matter…

Crowning a plate full of sweet potato fries is a freshly ground turkey breast patty, seasoned and grilled to perfection. It’s topped with a black truffle cheese sauce, greens and mustard-flavored cranberry sauce.

Thomas Connell: “You have people that are traveling. You have people that have different heritages, and they do different things, so it’s a nice alternative.”

The burger had to be more than just the right dish for Thanksgiving. It had to be right for the place that came up with it up, as well…

Thomas Connell: “This was an offer that fit the venue, and it fit the style, the vibe and the feel of the venue, so we felt it was very appropriate to give that kind of an offer to a guest.”

The Bounty is available through Thanksgiving weekend. Pizza & Burger’s regular menu is also in play, but why not gobble up this bountiful beauty while you can.

Customer: “It’s really good. I love turkey burgers normally, so the cranberry is just a really nice touch. It’s all the flavors of Thanksgiving in one and it delivers.”


Pizza & Burger
4441 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33140
(305) 535-3283

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