If you love vegetables, a South Florida chef has a vegetarian dish for you. The best part, it makes a great main-course meal. Time to grab a Bite with Belkys.

The Chef: Luke Verkuylen

The Restaurant: Earls Kitchen + Bar at Dadeland Mall in Kendall

The Dish: Thai Vegetable & Quinoa Bowl


1 Tbs. Vegetable Oil

1.5 oz Cauliflower (blanched, florets)

1 oz. Oyster Mushrooms (3/4″ torn)

0.5 oz Spring Onion (or green onion-2″ lengths)

0.2 oz Minced Garlic Cloves

0.2 oz Ginger (julienne)

7.5 oz Toasted Thai Quinoa

5 fl oz Thai Coconut + Lemongrass Broth

1.5 oz Chinese Broccoli (blanched leaves and stems)

1 oz Snap Peas (blanched, halved on a bias)

1 oz Shelled Edamame Beans

0.5 oz Fried Japanese Eggplant (2″ lengths)

0.1 oz Thai Basil Leaves

1 ½ T Roasted Peanuts

1 ½ T Crispy Onions

10 sprigs Micro Cilantro

¼ Lime Wedge

Method of Preparation:

– Start by adding dry Quinoa to boiling water- turn the heat down and cook slowly- about 45 minutes.

– Chop all vegetables and get them ready to cook. Add canola oil to a wok and get it hot. Add spring onions, ginger, garlic, oyster mushrooms and cauliflower. Cook for about a minute.

– Next, add chunks of Japanese (or regular) eggplant, Edamame beans and Chinese Broccoli. Sauté for another minute or so, and then add Thai Coconut Milk and Lemongrass broth. Stir well and sauté for another 30 seconds or so. Add Thai Basil- and it’s ready to plate.

To Plate:

Pour the Thai Vegetables and broth over a bed of Quinoa. Garnish with crispy fried onions, roasted peanuts, and micro cilantro.

Serving suggestion: Bee’s Knees Cocktail

Serves: 2

Earls Kitchen + Bar

Suite 2510, Dadeland Mall

Kendall, FL 33156



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