Tex-Mex Skillets at The Fed

When a popular restaurant changes its concept from one day to the next, it’s a risky move. That’s what fan favorite The Federal did recently, after its owner and chef got tired of the same old food, so he revamped the menu and included a little something for everyone.

Say goodbye to “The Federal” and hello to “The Fed.”

Cesar Zapata, The Fed: “We’ve had this restaurant for five years, successful restaurant, and all of a sudden we decided to change our concept. And why not? I mean, why not do something different?

The folks from The Federal on Biscayne and 51st Street changed their entire menu.

Cesar Zapata: “The Fed is a completely different concept, so what we’re trying to do something that is healthy, but at the same time fun.”

It’s Tex-Mex with a twist, offering something for everyone, like these new skillets.

Cesar Zapata: “So we have six skillets. We have one with smoked chicken which we smoke in house. It’s our traditional recipe from The Federal. We rub and we smoke it for like two hours. It’s an organic, free-range chicken.”

The protein comes with company: veggies and a wrap.

Cesar Zapata: “The skillets come served with pickles, which we make in-house. And then the cool thing about it is that you can have it with our corn tortillas, which are gluten free, and then also cabbage.”

Besides smoked chicken…

Cesar Zapata: “We have our Chicken Tinga, which is a braised chicken with all these different spices, chilis. It’s just delicious.”

For beef lovers…

Cesar Zapata: “We have our Picanha. Picanha is a type of cut Brazilians and Argentinians, they love to use it, and we smoke it, so then you have that smoke element.”

There’s also a tofu skillet, one with fish and another with mixed seafood.

Cesar Zapata: “If you want something a little lighter, more healthy.”

And no worries, if you crave The Federal’s famous “biskits” or their pig wings, the oldies but goodies will be available on the weekends.

Cesar Zapata: “If you miss things from The Federal, we still have The Federal brunch.”

As for during the week, wrap it up and cheer to the god of so many healthier choices.

The Fed Food + Drink
5132 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, FL 33137
(305) 758-9559

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