If you love good Italian food, you’re probably familiar with Via Emilia 9 on South Beach. Now, the team behind it has a new spot, and they’re serving up food with some kicks.

It’s hard not to feel at home at Via Emilia Garden.

The new restaurant in Midtown Miami is taking a fresh approach when it comes to Italian food, and we guess you could say it’s got them rolling in dough.

Valentina Imbrenda, Via Emilia Garden: “All our pastas are homemade. We make, on average, I would say 10 to 15 different types of pasta.”

The food here couldn’t get any fresher, and it’s not just the pasta we’re talking about.

This restaurant also lets you personally pick out the meat that you wanna eat.

Valentina Imbrenda: “You can also not only choose your cut but the aging. You interact a lot with the chef. They will also give you suggestions according to your tastes.”

Don’t feel like eating inside?

Enjoy a relaxing getaway in the garden.

Valentina Imbrenda: “Everything is gated, and everything is really green, so you don’t see any traffic going by.”

Another cool thing about Via Emilia garden is that they’ve got a lot of sole.

Shoe soles — that is.

Just look at all that Nike decor!

Valentina Imbrenda: “Most of the sneakers are one-of-a-kind or there’s only a few pairs in the world.”

Check out this LeBron James collab made entirely of cork.

That’s popping!

Not only are the shoes super cool to look at, they’re actually all for sale.

Just be prepared to shell out some serious cash.

“They go up to $16,000, $17,000.”

Shoes and pasta?

Sounds like my kind of place!

And that’s kind of the point because the staff takes a hands-on approach to make everyone feel welcomed.

Valentina Imbrenda: “We’re trying to make you feel at home because you feel great at home.”

Fiorella Zagaglia, customer: “I love the restaurant. The service is always great, and it’s a nice atmosphere. More family-oriented atmosphere.”

Carlos Alzate, customer: “Wendy and Valentina and the staff always make you feel at home when you’re here.”


Via Emilia Garden
Midtown Miami
3500 N. Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33127

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