By now, it’s become pretty obvious that we live in “The World, Taylor’s version.” And while Taylor won’t be bringing her Eras Tour to the 305 until next year, Deco found a party happening this weekend that’s putting you center-stage.

If by shimmer you mean, shimmy, you’re totally into something, Miss Swift.

That’s the spirit. And if you’re in the mood to shake it off, shake it off, you’re in luck.

Gramps in Wynwood is getting the total Taylor Swift treatment this Saturday as Le Petite Fete’s Swiftie themed dance party returns to SoFlo.

Courtney Gibson: “We love Gramps. They’re always amazing and the energy there is always so fun, so we’re so excited to be back.”

This time around, the event is celebrating…

Courtney Gibson: “The start of sad girl fall with ‘Tis the Damn Season.'”

It’s all about the Folkmore and Evermore albums.

But that doesn’t mean you’re gonna miss out on screaming and dancing to go along to all your classic faves.

Cate Phillips: “Think of you and the people you probably sat next to during the Eras Tour and how you guys were just screaming along and just loving every second. That same vibe.”

Cate Phillips: “We will be taking requests and obviously all of the top hits will be played, so there will be happy songs to dance around to.”

This party is all about making you feel like the star you are.

Cate Phillips: “We do a lip sync contest. A costume contest.”

Ashlynn: “I’m Ashlynn, and I’m Blank Space Taylor.”

Emma: “Hi, I’m Emma and I’m channeling you need to calm down Taylor Swift.”

The idea is to create a fun space where people can have a good time while celebrating their love for Taylor and her music.

Cate Phillip: “Nothing is more fun than singing your favorite songs with a bunch of strangers and everyone knowing the words.”

Doors open at 7 p.m. on Saturday at Gamps.

Tickets are $20 and the event is 21 plus

Everyone attending gets a free can koozie that’s Taylor Swift themed.

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