Taste foods from around the world at St. Roch Market

It seems like there’s a new trend taking over the food industry — it’s called food halls. Seriously, they’re showing up everywhere. But there’s one in South Florida that serves up food and drinks that’ll suit any palate.

There’s a little bit of everything at St. Roch Market in the Miami Design District.

Kenzie Motai: “You can really get anything that you want in here. We have such a range of cuisines from around the world.”

Eating here is like sending your stomach on a trip around the world.

Kenzie Motai: “We have 12 different unique vendors in here — all local chefs.”

First up: some Southern comfort food, like grits at Coop.

Giancarlo Rodriguez: “We do grits your way, which is a bowl of stone-ground grits, we add gouda to it, so it makes it our cheesy grits.”

It’s topped with either shrimp, fried chicken or bacon.

Or take a bite out of these chicken and waffle sandwiches.

Giancarlo Rodriguez: “It’s deep fried chicken that we make with our house batter. We make our house seasoning, and then we fry it, we bring it outside and start making our waffles. We layer it with pickled onions, we put pepper jelly in it and we call it a day.”

Now it’s time for some pasta at Dal Plin.

Elizabetta Tundo: “This is like going back to Italy.”

All their noodles are made from scratch.

Then when you order your meal, the noodles are boiled and…

Elizabetta Tundo: “When it’s cooked, you sauté it and then you finish with the parmigiano.”

The food tour isn’t over yet! It’s time for some Asian cuisine at Yuzu.

Andrew Zarzosa: “When you look at the menu, you have Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong.”

The menu is full of delicious meals like…

Andrew Zarzosa: “The Gaya Street curry laksa.”

The Malaysian dish is like a soup.

Andrew Zarzosa: “It’s a really rich, aromatic curry broth with turmeric, coconut broth and shrimp paste. And then that gets ramen noodles, shrimp, chicken and bok choy.”

We end our trip all the way in the Middle East at Jaffa.

Yaniv Cohen: “I bring Middle Eastern Israeli cuisine that I grew up with to Miami.”

From Israeli salad to fresh made hummus, even falafels — eating here is like being in the Holy Land itself.

Yaniv Cohen: “We try to serve healthy Mediterranean food.”

There’s even a bar with fun drinks.

In other words — St. Roch has something for everyone.

Carina, customer: “It’s nice because everyone can have something different and you can share, so she could have a bite of the waffles, I could have a bite of the noodles.”

Yum … I’ll have a bite of it all!


St. Roch Market
140 NE 39th St Suite #241
Miami, FL 33137
(786) 542-8977

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