Tarpon River Brewing in Fort Lauderdale will give you free beer if you match with dad

You know this Sunday is Father’s Day, right? Sure you did, but maybe you haven’t decided where to celebrate pops’ big day. Don’t stress! Deco’s favorite son, Chris Van Vliet, knows a place where a great time can be had with dad.

Thinking about dressing up like your dad on Father’s Day? Of course you’re not, but there’s a place in Fort Lauderdale that will treat him right if you do, and beer plays a very big part of this story.

“You look just like your dad.”

Either you’re cool with that comment or you’re not.

At Tarpon River Brewing in Fort Lauderdale, that comment is the ticket to a great Father’s Day.

Ashley Reda, Tarpon River Brewing: “If you match your father, you get a free flight to share.”

He means a flight of beer — not an airplane ride.

Let’s clarify the word “match,” though.

Ashley Reda: “If you wear a matching outfit with your father…”

Even though it’s dad’s sense of fashion that rules the day, you don’t have to stress over the details.

Ashley Reda: “I think if they’re close enough, we’re gonna honor that. It’s something for fun, you know?”

If you and your pops aren’t up for the whole twins thing, Tarpon River has another special to offer.

Ashley Reda: “We have a special Father’s Day package you can pick up for $50.”

That buys you a very cool tour of the brewery.

Ashley Reda: “You get to see how your favorite beers are made straight from the brewers.”

You also get to take home a four-pack of your favorite brew, a Tarpon River T-shirt and matching bag.

They’re serving up some solid food, as well.

Ashley Reda: “We have a rise and shine burger, which is our breakfast burger. We have cinnamon pretzels, which is our dessert. We have avocado toast, which is always a hit. Our beer mac and cheese with our IPA cheese sauce.”

When it comes to beer that’s poured in a glass, there’s plenty to choose from.

Ashley Reda: “We have about 16 rotating on tap.”

Todd Mikelevicius, customer: “This is great. It’s a great opportunity to bring your family down, you know? I’ve got my daughters here.”

Viktorija Mikelevicius, customer: “Oh, we love dressing up similarly. It’s a bonding experience to come here and have food together.”

Cheers to dad!


Tarpon River Brewing
280 SW 6th St.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

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