Tapas y Tintos in South Beach offers a seasonal sangria for the holidays

The holidays are celebrated in different ways all over the world, and there’s no better way to get to know a culture than to raid their liquor cabinet. Tonight, Deco’s going to Spain for a little sangria!

No need to fly across the Atlantic to get an authentic Spanish experience.

At Tapas y Tintos on South Beach, you can get a taste of old Barcelona.

Alex Martinez, corporate executive chef: “Tapas y Tintos is an authentic Spanish experience. All authentic Spanish recipes.”

Sangria is a mix of fruit, brandy and wine. Where do we sign up?

Alex Martinez, Tapas y Tintos: “Welcome to Tapas y Tintos. We’re gonna be making our holiday sangria today. We’re gonna start off with a little bit of peach schnapps, peach liquor. We’re gonna add some brandy next and then we’re gonna add our red wine, Tempranillo red wine, Spanish wine. Top that off with a splash of Sprite, and we’re gonna garnish it with our 12 grapes. For the New Year, it’s very, very huge in Spain to have the 12 grapes and the 12 wishes, so we want to bring that experience to our customers, and we offer that here. There you have our Tapas y Tintos seasonal sangria.”

Customer: “It’s very fruity. It’s very strong, I feel, because of the brandy. It’s really good and refreshing.

Looks like the perfect way to get your grape on and ring in the New Year!

Alex Martinez: “Our theme is Spain, and we do everything authentically just how you would have it in Spain.”


Tapas & Tintos
448 Española Way
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 538-8272

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