A lot of people threw back a few and then some during quarantine, if ya know what I mean. By a few, we mean a few hundred … but if you want to add a little class to your drinking game, we know a place where you can sip, learn, and then sip again, right after you shake it like a salt shaker.

What’s better than a cocktail with a view?

Lacy Bray: “Make sure you look up at the trees, you guys!”

Cocktails with a view and an education!

Miss Agave: “All tequilas are mezcal, but not all mezcal is tequila.”

And if that’s your kind of lesson, head on over to Pinecrest Gardens in Miami…

Lacy Bray: “When you come in, you’ll first get your drink. And then we’ll explain what’s in it.”

…where “Garden to Glass” workshops follow one simple rule.

Miss Agave: “Fresh is always best.”

You’ll learn how to make seasonal cocktails…

Lacy Bray: “In the summer, it could be making drinks with tropical fruits, which we have tons of.”

…with ingredients plucked right from the dirt.

Alex Miranda: “Did this come from Pinecrest Gardens? This is like out of the ground?

Miss Agave: Yes.

Alex Miranda: “Oh, wow!”

Today, the subject is agave.

Miss Agave: “Are you guys excited?”

And our mixologist…

Alex Miranda: “‘Tequila over tears.’ I love it. So, drink your problems away?”

Miss Agave: Exactly.”

Miss Agave…

Miss Agave: “Just like champagne and sparkling wine, in order to be called tequila, it needs to be made in specific regions in Mexico.”

…is teaching us about agave spirits, sustainability and how to make a “spicy bee sting,” using…

Miss Agave: “Honey from the local bees here at Pinecrest Gardens.

Alex: Yes!”

Lemon juice…

Alex: “Arggg!!!”

Basil leaves…

Miss Agave: “Smell it.”

Alex Miranda: “Oh, I love it. Yeah. Smells good.”

And Teremana Reposado.

Miss Agave: “This is The Rock’s tequila.”

Alex Miranda: “Wow! Tequila is made from rocks?!”

Miss Agave: “Alex, like, Dwayne Johnson. Like, The Rock.”


Alex Miranda: “So we’re going to fill it to the top.”

Miss Agave: “Sure.”

Alex Miranda: “How many times?”

Miss Agave: “Once.”

Mix that all up with some cayenne pepper.

Garnish, and you’re done!

Alex Miranda: “I love that.”

And since they take a hands-on approach…

Lacy Bray: “We’re going to go for a quick walking tour to see some of the agaves that we have in the garden.”

Field trip!

Lacy Bray: “There’s a variegated one there, and you can see they come in all shapes and sizes.”

The two-hour classes cost between $10 and $60. Just don’t forget to…

Class: “Cheers! [clank]”

…when school’s out.

Pinecrest Gardens has all kinds of fun workshops, including a Halloween-themed “Garden to Glass” in October.


Pinecrest Gardens
11000 Red Road
Pinecrest, FL 33156

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