When I go to the flea market, I get some freshly squeezed juice and exotic fruits. Other people get sex candles and drag shows.

Maybe I’m checking out the wrong places.

Deco is in the market tonight for a totally different shopping experience.

This clearly isn’t your typical afternoon weekend flea market. This is The Black Market.

Panther Cordts, founder, The Black Market: “It’s an alternative flea market that we have all over South Florida.”

So while you look around the different kinds of local vendors, drag queens are bustin’ a move, you’ve got tarot card readings going on, and bands like Donzii are performing.

Drag Queen: “No one visits me, no one comes. That’s all I knowwwww. Ahhhh!”

Now that’s some shop-notch entertainment!

Panther Cordts: “I just felt like there weren’t many markets that catered to what I was selling, so I figured I’d just start my own market.”

Vendors are selling anything from sex candles and honey to soaps and jewelry made from butterfly wings.

Kiki Sylvain, SK Butterflies: “We have just anything you can think of in a great space with great people. It’s amazing.”

Panther Cordts: “It gives a platform for people that usually wouldn’t have a place to sell their arts and crafts.”

The Black Market pops up in different spots every few weeks.

The one Deco hit up was at Lit in Wilton Manors.

Come one, come all, because everyone is welcome here. (I mean, they even let Deco in.)

Kirby Casablancas: “I love that it’s judgment-free. I love that I can dress up however I want. It’s supporting local bands and local businesses while also putting it all together and making it an amazing time.”

Mattie Cochran: “I love how I can spend all my money on local vendors but also see live music at the same time, because I definitely spend way too much money here, but it’s worth it.”

The next Black Market is this Saturday night at Las Rosas in Miami.


The Black Market Lit Summer Fling at Las Rosas
2898 NW 7th Ave.
Miami, FL 33127

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