Take a drive-thru tour learning about dinosaurs at the BB&T Center in Sunrise

The only place you can see a dinosaur is at museum or a movie, and we’re not talking about “The Expendables 4.” Now, you can roll up to a raptor from the safety of your car. Does Alex Miranda have the story? You bet Jurassic.

I’m just outside of the BB&T Center in Sunrise, and I just met a Spinosaurus!

She’s 50 feet long. She’s almost 100 million years old, but I’ve got to say, being up close, she doesn’t look a year over 80 million.

Dinosaurs are taking over Sunrise, and in 2020, are you even surprised?

At the new family-friendly Jurassic Quest right outside the BB&T Center, you’re not only safe from COVID-19, social distancing means you’ll also avoid this…

It’s a drive-thru audio tour experience where you’ll learn about all kinds of prehistoric creatures.

Each life-sized dino was painstakingly replicated and approved by real paleontologists.

Sarah Menard, Jurassic Quest: “Everything down to the teeth they have in their mouths.”

With over 70, including 50-foot long megalodon, this place is giving Steven Spielberg a run for his money!

But hey, they’re not all big and scary!

Sarah Menard: “This is Cammy, our Camarasaurus. Cammy is a little under six weeks old and eats leafy greens.”

It’s like a greatest hits of the dinosaur world.

Why did the T-Rex go extinct? Because it can’t perform CPR!

Hold on, I’ve got another one…

What does a triceratops sit on? A tricera-bottom.

Plus, some you didn’t know.

This is Lophostropheus, the RuPaul of the dinosaur kingdom.

The tour ranges from 45 minutes to an hour and a half depending on traffic, and it costs about $50 per vehicle.

Natasha Williams, customer: “This is really good for the kids that like the dinosaurs. We have a little one that’s obsessed with them right now. She had a really fun time, too. They move, they roar, they do all kinds of things. It was cute.”

And you’ll drive away with some fun facts you’ll never, I mean never, unhear.

Sarah Menard: “T-Rex’s closest living relative was a chicken. A chicken, and if you think of their body and how they’re shaped, they really do look like little T-Rexs.”

You can get a 10% discount if you are military or a first responder on tickets.


Jurassic Quest
BB&T Center
1 Panther Parkway
Sunrise, FL 33323

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