Take a bite out of art with hand-sculpted CRYO Pops

There’s nothing cooler than licking your favorite celebrity. Lynn keeps telling Shireen that she’s not a celebrity, but that hasn’t made a difference. Now, while Shireen and Lynn talk about respectful boundaries, you can check out a refreshing new way of tasting works of art — and stars like Marilyn Monroe.

Frida Kahlo. Mona Lisa. The Takashi Murakami flower. Andy Warhol. And Marilyn Monroe.

You can now take a bite out of these familiar faces — thanks to CRYO Pops.

The Miami-based company is making heads roll with their sculpted popsicles.

Becky Rosa, artist: “I was thinking about ice cream and food and what we were gonna eat that day, and I was like, ‘Wait, nobody’s ever made sculptural ice cream’ and the concept was born from there.”

Talk about food for thought!

Becky Rosa, the woman behind these works of art, showed us the tricks to this trade.

Becky Rosa: “Our prototype is made of the head, which is hand-sculpted, and then from that we make molds. We pour the ice cream into the molds, and then from there, they’re put into the freezer.”

Eight hours later, they’re ready!

For Becky, who’s also known for her fun, vibrant sculptures and artwork sculpting famous faces into sweet treats, is not exactly a stretch.

And we caught up with her at the Delano Hotel on South Beach, where her artwork is on display for you to feast your eyes on until the end of April.

Becky Rosa: “This is the largest body of work I’ve ever had available.”

And while her famous Hermès and Chanel pieces are being shown…

Becky Rosa: “I went ahead and created new pieces specifically for this show.”

Like the Barbie art in the hotel’s lobby.

The artwork you can actually feast on is also available at the hotel — and they are full of character, color and tasty!

Becky Rosa: “Each flavor is according to the entity, so we have Frida Kahlo, which is a Mexican hot chocolate. It’s got spice to it, it’s got cinnamon to it, and it’s very rich in chocolate.”

Sounds delicious.

Becky Rosa: “We have Marilyn Monroe, which is a special flavo,r which is called Blue CRYO. It is basically a mass of different flavors all rolled into one, but that’s a secret.”

At $15 bucks a pop, it sounds like these treats are sweeeeet!

Raquel Martinez, customer: “They’re amazing! My favorite one is the blue one. It’s for sure the blue one. It has a really, really special taste.”

Even blue, Marilyn is still such a doll!



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