Tacos After Dark has tacos foodies will enjoy

Being late for dinner never tasted so good. Because this year, the South Beach Wine and Food Festival is really getting cooking late at night.

The Loews Hotel is the taco the town!

Jason Morale, chef: “The Loews Miami Beach Hotel is the host hotel for the South Beach Food and Wine Festival, and this year one of the events we are doing is Tacos After Dark.”

As the host hotel, the Loews team created a sweet idea for this night: a dessert taco.

Jason Morale, chef: “Our sweet taco is going to be an almond-cookie shell with tequila mousse. It’s going to be dipped in white chocolate with coconut, and then it’s going to be garnished with lime garnish, lime zest and silver foil.”

You can eat dessert first at this food fest … or eat it last. Either way, it’s tequila and sweets, two of my favorite food groups.

Charles Blum, customer: “You are going to eat all sorts of things beforehand. It’s a great way to finish the evening.”

Taquiza on South Beach is also serving up Mexican favorites at this year’s Tacos After Dark.

Steve Santana, chef: “It’s the most amazing group of chefs who bring all their tacos, tamales and anything masa-based out there.”

Taquiza will be serving a cheesy, crispy quesadilla with corn mushrooms.

Steve Santana, chef: “It’s a little gooey. The cheese is crispy, and with the “huitlacoche,” it brings that little earthy sweetness to it, and with the blue tortilla, it’s killer.”

With all this cheesy goodness, you won’t notice there isn’t any meat in this one.

Grace Smith, customer: “I love meat, and I am a huge meat lover, and this is vegetarian, but it absolutely blew my mind. It’s so flavorful.”

With 20 chefs cooking in this year’s Tacos After Dark, you have lots of options, including a few from Wynwood’s Coyo Taco.

Scott Linquist, chef: “We are actually doing two different tacos. We are doing a Tecate beer-battered grouper in a Baja-style fish taco, and then we are doing “cochinita” taco, that is a Yucatan slow-roasted pork taco.”

Dana Rozansky, customer: “I think it’s great they are doing something for fish lovers and people who prefer meat. I just tried the pork and the grouper, and both tacos are incredible. They do everything right.”

Coyo Taco has been participating in Tacos After Dark since it started, and it’s a favorite for them.

Scott Linquist, chef: “It’s a later-night event, and it’s a little more intimate. It’s not a huge event, and it’s at the pool at Loews. It’s a cool environment, and a time where people let their hair down, party and have a good time.”

Tequila Cazadores Presents Tacos After Dark

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