Tacocraft tacos in South Miami

Sometimes, you get that craving and nothing can hit the spot quite like Mexican food. You know, tacos, burritos, nachos, tequila… Now, a Fort Lauderdale hotspot is coming to South Miami. Deco got to sample the handmade goodness of Tacocraft.

For over a year, downtown Fort Lauderdale’s Tacocraft has been serving up Mexican fare to a hungry crowd. Now, the party is heading south. Tacocraft South Miami is open for business.

Nicolas Carmona: “Tacocraft is a semi-authentic Mexican taco and tequila bar. These are not every day tacos. You’re gonna be seeing duck confit tacos, po boy tacos…”

And the vibe is definitely not fast food.

Nicolas Carmona: “When you come in here, it’s like SoCal. We really went for a graffiti art. You see Edison bulbs, we have railroad ties as chandeliers. Ruben Obeita is our artist, he actually did the big mural in the back as well as the pancho villa in the back as well.”

But the true art is in the food.

Tacocraft has specialty tacos for every day of the week — and more.

Nicolas Carmona: “We have 14 handcrafted tacos that are available every single day, but we also offer weekly tacos — tacos that are only available on that day of the week.”

Cure the Monday blues with the po-boy oyster taco.

Nicolas Carmona: “We hand batter bay oysters, gulf oysters in Panko bread crumbs and top it with a habanero tartar sauce.”

Tuesday’s special has tongues wagging.

Nicolas Carmona: “On Taco Tuesday, we’re offering a beer braised tongue taco, we braise it with Mexican beer, sear it on the flat top, make it nice and crispy. Serve it with some pickled onions and cilantro.”

Climb over Hump Day with an octopus taco.

Nicolas Carmona: “We take a whole octopus, boiling it, finishing it on the flat top and serve it on a flour taco as well.”

From smoked brisket to duck, these tacos are the taco the town.

Customer 1: “I just love Mexican food.”

Customer 2: “It’s like local, not too far from the house, so come here get quick food.”

With plenty of Mexican cerveza and over 100 types of tequila, the fiesta is just getting started.

Nicolas Carmona: “SoCal tacos, Hip-Hop, high energy, handcrafted tacos. It’s really us … who we are.”

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