T-Rex, Swan, Rhino among masked celebrities competing in Wednesday’s ‘Masked Singer’

Bono wasn’t wearing a mask in that video, but a lot of other stars will be tonight on “The Masked Singer,” and instead of surgical masks, they’ll be decked out like swans, dinos and rhinos!

Ken Jeong: “I know exactly who this is.”

Dive deeper into the clues and make your guesses on tonight’s all new episode of “The Masked Singer.”

Making their return to the stage for a second performance is Group C, which includes T-Rex, Swan, Rhino, Astronaut and Night Angel.

Last week’s episode revealing Sarah Palin as the celebrity hiding under the Bear costume.

Judges: “Whoa!”

Joel McHale returns as guest judge to help the panel with guesses, and fans don’t need to worry about the coronavirus disrupting the competition series.

The show has wrapped up filming on season three, so viewers can tune in through the big finale.

Nicole Scherzinger: “Yeah!”

Catch T-Rex and friends in an all new “Masked Singer” tonight at 8 p.m., right after Deco.

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