‘SYTYCD’ winner Jeanine Mason stars in ‘Roswell’ reboot

She rose to fame with her dance moves. Now, Jeanine Mason’s acting career is taking off. Deco caught up with the South Florida local to talk about her new show.

We first got to know Jeanine Mason after the Miami native won season five of “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Jeanine Mason: “That was probably the first time I met you guys, and you guys have been so good to me since.

Since then, she’s turned her talents to acting, scoring roles on “CSI” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Jeanine Mason: “My intention was to always be an actor. After the show, I went to L.A. I went to UCLA. Started focusing on being an actor and acting classes and auditioning, hustling. It’s been eight amazing years, and I’m so happy to be here right now.”

Deco caught up with Jeanine at Lona in Fort Lauderdale — where she celebrated landing the cover of Venice Magazine.

Jeanine Mason: “It’s a Florida magazine; everything about it felt so perfect for right now. I had such a good time on the shoot.”

Soon we’ll see Jeanine take the lead in her own show — a reboot of the sci-fi series “Roswell.”

Jeanine Mason: “‘Roswell, New Mexico’ is based on the book series ‘Roswell High,’ then turned into the TV series in the ’90s. I play Liz Orteco. She’s Mexican-American. It’s border town, alien vibes, sci-fi feel, ‘X-Files,’ all my faves. And she’s a scientist, she’s super smart.”

Turns out Roswell is just as weird as it was in the 90s.

Jeanine Mason: “She’s coming home 10 years after leaving Roswell to discover that some very crazy things are happening here.”

And if you thought Jeanine was turning her back on dancing — guess again.

Jeanine Mason: “We found a way to incorporate it into the pilot of ‘Roswell,’ which I hadn’t told anybody that!”

Oh, do tell!

Jeanine Mason: “I’ll just tell you it involves a jukebox and it’s a late night. I’m probably already in trouble for saying that!”


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