SYTYCD holds virtual auditions for Season 17

The show must go on — just online and not in person. You know, social distancing. Virtual auditions for Season 17 of “So You Think You Can Dance” are going down this week. Tango expert Alex Miranda is dancing in studio with the details.

So here’s the deal: live auditions won’t be happening as planned. They were set for Miami, Los Angeles and New York, but you can still put on your dancing shoes because the hit Fox show is accepting online submissions.

Mary Murphy, judge, “So You Think You Can Dance”: “Man, can you dance!”

Dance like everyone is watching. Auditions are kicking off for “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 17.

Cat Deeley, host, “So You Think You Can Dance”: “They’re going to give everything they’ve got.”

The journey starts online, where hopefuls submit a video. Executive producer Jeff Thacker and All-Star Robert Roldan are telling us what they’ll be looking for.

Jeff Thacker: “Somebody who is just themselves, different to whatever we had before.”

Robert Roldan: “After 17 seasons, we’ve seen a lot of dancing, a lot of different, you know, styles of dance. What’s a new version of what we have seen before?”

Miami has had more than its fair share of success stories for “So You Think You Can Dance.”

The 305’s own Jeanine Mason won back Season 5, and local dancer Gaby Diaz was America’s favorite dancer for Season 12.

Gaby Diaz: “I knew this was the season I was meant to be on.”

They’re just two of the many dancers who’ve made SoFlo so proud over the years.

Mary Murphy knows what’s up.

Mary Murphy: “Well, there’s definitely always hopes for Miami, without a doubt. There’s so much flavor going on down there, you know, in almost all the different dance genres, to be honest with you.”

After online auditions, eventually, at some point, contestants will head to L.A. to dance in front of the judges.

Apparently, the show has some surprises in store, too. Oooh…

Jeff Thacker: “There’s another little surprise, which is a Nigel surprise, which he loves, and we’ve not done it for so long, but there are also things that we know our fans have asked us for that we’re going to be bringing back. So, fan’s favorites, not in people, but how the show works.”

And the guys are proud of the impact the show has had on the dance world over these 17 seasons.

Jeff Thacker: “It’s given a spotlight on a showcase to what dancers do, what they’ve been training, but more so who they are.”

Robert Roldan: “It gave a dancer a hope to have their own voice, like their own spotlight, their own moment for themselves, instead of just being behind someone.”

Could you — yes, you — be America’s favorite dancer for Season 17? “So You Think You Can Dance” is accepting online auditions until midnight this Sunday.

“So You Think You Can Dance” Season 17 online auditions

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