SYTYCD contestant Hannahlei Cabanilla crowned America’s favorite dancer

TV’s biggest moment of the summer went down live last night. That’s when “So You Think You Can Dance” crowned America’s new top dancer. Deco’s hot-stepper, Chris Van Vliet, live blogged the entire thing and is here with a look.

You sit there every Monday all summer, pulling for these guys. And last night, the contestant I picked during the audition round took the title.

“So You Think You Can Dance” crowns another winner as America’s favorite dancer. It all went down last night during the season 15 finale.

Hannahlei Cabanilla, contestant: “My hands were sweating, my heart was pounding, my hands were shaking. I would be happy with whatever the results are cause I’ve had such an amazing experience, but it’s so amazing that I’m America’s favorite dancer!”

New champ Hannahlei is dancing off with $250,000 and a role on the upcoming live musical, “Rent,” and says it was worth all the sweat and tears.

Hannahlei Cabanilla: “There was a lot of challenges, but I feel like just pacing my body because it goes through so much learning, so many routines, dancing 15 hours a day just, like, pacing myself and making sure my body is happy and healthy.”

The finalists hope the end of the show is just the start for a high-profile career.

Jensen Arnold: “I think I really proved myself on this show and that I’m a very versatile dancer, so I hope the choreographers and everybody saw that and want to book me or something.”

Genessy Castillo: “I’m hoping it just opens up so many doors for me, auditions and stuff like that. Hopefully someone’s like, ‘Oh I know her from “So You Think You Can Dance,”‘ and just that’s the door.”

And the judges couldn’t be more grateful for the support the show has received from fans over the years.

Vanessa Hudgens: “Their support is everything. Like if it wasn’t for them, we honestly would not have a show, so I’m very grateful that I can be here and play dress up and hopefully give good constructive criticism.”

Nigel Lythgoe: “It’s their support that we thrive on.”

You can catch Hannahlei and her fellow finalists when the “So You Think You Can Dance” tour waltzes into the Broward Center on Saturday, Nov. 10.

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