Aside from five or six days in January and February, it’s always swim suit season in SoFlo, so we’re always on the look out for hot new poolside looks, and a couple of local ladies have fashion you have to see.

Get ready to make a splash this summer.

When it comes to sexy and stylish swimsuits, Syrena Swimwear knows what’s up.

Catherine Arango, Syrena Swimwear: “We design all of our pieces here in Miami, and we manufacture in Medellín, Colombia, which is actually the hub of fashion in South America.”

Syrena is fashion by women for women.

The company was started by Catherine and her best friend Mila — two SoFlo locals!

And they say there are three trends to keep an eye on this season if you wanna stand out.

Catherine Arango: “The styles you saw today are super hot for summer 2020. We have our high-waisted. We have our animal prints, and we have our bright white.”

High-waisted doesn’t just mean more coverage anymore. This style also includes drawstring bottoms.

Catherine Arango: “Our drawstring high-waisted are definitely a very playful and sexy option if you wanna accentuate your curves a little bit more.”

Celebs like Janelle Monae, Demi Lovato and Dua Lipa can’t get enough.

Also sizzling for the summer: fun animal prints!

Syrena loves to play around with colors and prints to create something totally unique.

Catherine Arango: “We have one that is a combination of blue and purple and black that’s a lot of fun. We also have our leopard print, which is a mixture of cream and pink and purple, so we really like to make our animal prints very different. Something that you can’t find everywhere.”

Hailey Bieber, Kylie Jenner and JLo love getting in touch with their wild sides.

Speaking of sides, look on the bright side! White hot swimsuits are stand out pieces that will have all eyes on you.

Just ask Eva Longoria and Chrissy Teigen!

Catherine Arango: “Bright whites are definitely a statement piece, especially if you’ve been at home working on your tan. This will definitely make you pop out.”

This style also comes in black, so you can match with a bestie, and hey, did you see those cool new accessories you can’t leave home without?

Syrena is making beach-friendly masks!

Catherine Arango: “With everything going on right now, we definitely wanna feel safe. What we’ve done is we’ve created matching masks that go with your swimwear. You can make it look fabulous. You can make it look cute. You can look good and feel safe, which is most important.”

All of Syrena’s swimsuits come in a super cute waterproof pouch, so you always have somewhere to put your wet clothes after you change.


Syrena Swimwear

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