Swipe right on Rank and File Social Club this Valentine’s Day

Every neighborhood needs a bar that makes the locals feel at home and the newbies feel like locals. Deco found a place like that in one of Broward’s trendiest locations. You can kick back, cool out and have a Valentine’s night to swipe right on.

At Rank and File Social Club in Fort Lauderdale’s Flagler Village, everything old is new again.

Mark Barbagallo, Rank and File: “We wanted to build a warm environment that’s welcoming and makes you feel at home.”

The folks at R & F believe that mission has been accomplished.

Mark Barbagallo: “We feel we did that with our floor-to-ceiling bookcase, comfortable lounge seating, free pool, free darts available at all times. We just wanted to make this a place people wanted to hang out a couple times a week.”

Whatever you do, don’t call the place retro.

Mark Barbagallo: “Antique luxe is the word we like to use.”

There are some unique touches that drive home that vibe.

Mark Barbagallo: “We have an old upright piano that is fully functional.”

The place is totally community-oriented. The night Deco was there, a local artist was displaying her paintings and working on a new one!

Mark Barbagallo: “Our focus was to be the neighborhood bar.”

The actual bar is the centerpiece of the social club. The cocktails are a combination of today and yesterday.

Mark Barbagallo: “Little twist on the classics, so it’s stuff that you’re familiar with, but that has maybe a little different flavor than you’re used to.”

This bad boy’s called “Who The F%$! is Jade?” It’s a mix of passion fruit, simple syrup, vodka and club soda.

The “Cucumber Emoji” is made up of muddled cucumber, watermelon juice, lemon juice, simple syrup, gin and sweet vermouth.

Mark Barbagallo: “Tastes like a cucumber margarita.”

You’ve got options here. If you need some fresh air, go out back and relax on the patio by the fire pit.

Any night’s a good night to hang at Rank and File, especially Friday for the “Swipe Right” Valentine’s Day party.

Mark Barbagallo: “When you walk in the door, you’re gonna get a wristband that will show everyone your relationship status. If you’re single, you get a green wristband, if you’re taken, you get a red wristband, and if it’s complicated, you get a yellow wristband.”

Erica Rassieur, customer: “They have pool tables, great drinks, they put little flowers in the cocktails. I just love it so much. I’ll be back.”

Rank and File Social Club
704 NE 1st Ave,
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

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