Sweet Tooth Shavery

The people of Taiwan and the residents of South Florida have at least one thing in common … we all ove dessert! A shop in the 954 is offering up a traditional Taiwanese treat that’ll knock you out no matter what country you call home.

Sweet Tooth Shavery has brought a little bit of Taiwan to SoFlo. The Davie dessert shop is turning the locals on to “snow cream.”

Di: “It’s a special product that’s made with whole milk, a little bit sugar, you know, natural flavoring, presented with ice shavings.”

If shaved ice makes you think of one of those snow cones you get at street fairs, think again — this is an entirely different ballgame.

Di: “Everything is already flavored instead of you shave the ice afterwards, you put the syrup or coloring on.”

A block of ice already soaked in milk is put into the shaver. A button is pushed and the process begins…

You add a little bit of milk pudding to the creamy contents. Some hearty chunks of super-fresh mango, top it off with homemade mango sauce and voila — your 24-ounce cup of mango snow is ready.

It’s cool — in every sense of the word.

Grace: “It’s really hard to explain. It’s more of an experience, especially in this Florida heat, so it’s quite fun actually eating it.”

Matcha snow is a big-time favorite at the shavery. For this one, ice drenched in milk and matcha tea is shaved and loaded into your cup.

Then it’s time for a pair of toppings you might not expect on a dessert.

Sweet red beans and rice balls. It’s all part of keeping things real.

Di: “Those are actually pretty popular in Asia in general.”

With six flavors to choose from, Sweet Tooth Shavery gives foodies the chance to savor what folks on the other side of the globe have enjoyed for years.

Di: “At Sweet Tooth anytime, you order dessert it might be a little trip to Taiwan.”


Sweet Tooth Shavery
6403 Stirling Rd.
Davie, FL 33314
(954) 908-5355

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