Sushi is usually considered healthy. And being less filling means there’s always room for dessert! Problem is, lots of sushi places have the usual — fried ice cream, cheesecake, fruit — but good news! Deco found a place that’s putting as much effort into their sweets as they are into their rolls.

If you want to bite into something sweet, come to Haruko in Pembroke Pines.

Luis Pineda: “It’s a mix between Peruvian and Japanese cuisine, so we have everything from ceviche, tiraditos, causas, which is yellow mashed potatoes. The lomo saltado udon is a favorite, and then we have 20 signature rolls.”

Sure, it’s delicious, but that’s not why Deco was there.

Luis Pineda: “I always tell the clients, ‘Whatever you do, leave room for dessert,’ because we’re getting to be known for our dessert rolls.”

Bingo! Sweet sushi!

Rolls that look like the ones you dip in soy sauce, except they’re actually dessert.

Luis Pineda: “We just came out with the Oreo roll, which has become pretty popular.”

The Oreo roll is apparently everyone’s favorite.

Samuel Sune: “I use soybean paper. It’s unsweet, kinda neutral rice paper.”

Chef adds some gooey Oreo mix.

Samuel Sune: “We spread it just like rice. I use mascarpone cheese, and I mix it with the white paste that’s inside the Oreo. I put strawberries in it and I put kiwi on top.”

Ta-da! It’s decadently delish.

And the brownie roll is, too!

Samuel Sune: “We spread the brownie and I fill it up with mascarpone, kiwi and banana on top.”

If you’re more into cookies, here’s a home-baked one for your taste buds, and it’s filled with goodies.

Samuel Sune: “Mascarpone, strawberry, dulce de leche and crumbled nuts on top.”

If this was taste-o-vision, you’d be in heaven. But since it’s not, you’re going to have to try these sweet rolls all on your own.

Haruko has hip decor and young, creative chefs.

Haruko Japanese Fusion
18283 Pines Blvd.
Pembroke Pines, FL 33029
(754) 703-4847

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