Sweet Ride Food Truck

Food trucks are a way of life here in South Florida. Cuisines of all kinds are yours for the asking. Now chocolate lovers can get their groove on — thanks to The Sweet Ride.

Hoffman’s Chocolates is hitting the road with their first food truck. They call it The Sweet Ride, but you’ll call it a dream on wheels.

Randall Vitale: “This is the one-of-a-kind opportunity for us to go out into the community and provide chocolate and ice cream to places where they don’t have to come into our store to get it.”

There are Hoffman’s stores all over the 954.

Randall Vitale: “We can’t be everywhere unfortunately, so this is a way to take the store to the people.”

Just so we’re clear — this is the good stuff we’re talking about.

Randall Vitale: “It’s premium chocolate, all hand-made locally here in South Florida, and local ice cream being brought out to these events.”

Oct. 31 is coming up fast — and The Sweet Ride has some stuff that’s scary good.

Randall Vitale: “We’ve got Halloween-themed apples, Halloween-themed chocolate pops, Halloween-themed candy.”

The pumpkin-spice milkshake is a seasonal sensation. A massive scoop is added to some milk. Then the shaking starts.

Here’s the end result, topped with whipped cream and coconut caramel pieces.

Jose thinks it’s great.

Jose: “This is sensational. It’s the pumpkin spice, I believe. It’s called probably better than any store I’ve been to you know.”

When you’re craving something traditional, like chocolate-covered pretzels, or any of the specialty items, be on the look-out for The Sweet Ride.


Sweet Ride Food Truck

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